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Hockstein arrives in Beirut with a letter from Netanyahu.. What is it about?

The US presidential delegate, Amos Hokshetin, arrived in the Lebanese capital of Beirut to meet with caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati and deliver a message from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
According to Israeli media, Hockstein came out with a letter from Netanyahu to Mikati requesting that Hezbollah retreat to the north of the Litani River, so that Israel would not declare war on Lebanon.
Hockstein, for his part, had told Israeli officials that it was difficult to reach an agreement on the Lebanese front without a genuine agreement in Gaza, warning them that a war with Hezbollah could lead to a broad Iranian attack that was difficult for Israel to address.
Israeli media supported the need for a clear solution in the north, namely a final settlement or a total war to stop the attrition caused by the displacement of tens of thousands of settlers and the continuation of rockets and fires on a daily basis.

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