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Home remedies for colds

First of all, you must realize that there is no cure that completely cures the common cold, but the available treatments aim to provide you with a general good feeling and help you fight the virus that causes the disease.

Home remedies for colds that contribute to relieving symptoms are as follows:

You should also take plenty of rest in a warm and comfortable bedroom, as sufficient hours of sleep contribute to strengthening the immune system and thus resisting the common cold and its cause.

The goal of drinking more water and fluids is to avoid dehydration, as dehydration increases the symptoms of a runny nose, especially on the nose, as dehydration may cause skin irritation in the nasal wall.

You should also avoid rich drinks, as they are diuretic and cause dehydration.

If the cold is accompanied by a sore throat, gargling with salt water is useful.

You should also focus on eating a healthy and balanced diet that contains various vitamins and minerals, as it was found that zinc may help reduce the period of colds, especially in adults if taken within the first 24 hours of infection.

Therefore, it is possible to eat and drink a lot of some food items to achieve the goal of treating colds, including:

chicken soup

Chicken soup is an old remedy for colds, as the warm liquid helps open the airways, thus reducing the difficulty of breathing, and the salt in the soup works to reduce irritation of the tissues of the throat, in addition to the benefits that chicken has.

hot tea

Drinking hot drinks is important when you have a cold, and you can add a little honey to these drinks to relieve the cough you feel.


spicy foods

Eating this type of food, especially those that cause watery eyes, will relieve you of nasal congestion.

As mentioned earlier, there is no specific treatment for the common cold, so the medications prescribed by the doctor will only relieve its symptoms, as the doctor may prescribe each of the following medications for you:

Decongestants: They help you get rid of nasal congestion that you suffer from.

Antihistamines: They reduce sneezing and runny nose.

Pain relievers: There are many of them and their goal is to reduce the general pain that you feel.

It should be noted that these medicines, despite their contribution to the treatment of colds, may cause the following side effects for you:





It is also forbidden for children to use these medicines, as they may cause serious health harm to them.

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