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Home ways to reduce the size of the stomach

First of all, you should drink a lot of water, at a rate of eight glasses a day, for its effective role in giving the body a feeling of satiety, and thus preventing it from eating additional amounts of food, which helps reduce the size of the stomach.

In addition to chewing food in a good and slow way to give the body a sense of satiety quickly, as this method is one of the best natural ways that prevent the body from overeating, which helps in reducing the size of the stomach.

Also, eating foods that are low in calories and rich in fiber in order to control hunger and reduce appetite, and these foods include vegetables, fruits, and types of grains such as broccoli, spinach, and mushrooms.

Make sure to eat breakfast on a daily basis because it is very important in burning a high percentage of calories, and it also contributes to reducing the size of the stomach if it is eaten regularly.

It is also worth noting that neglecting this meal increases the body’s need for food and thus the demand for eating large quantities of food.

Take a sufficient amount of sleep in a regular manner and at a rate of eight hours a day; To adjust the level of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and the level of satiety hormone (leptin), which helps to reduce food intake and reduce the size of the stomach in a natural and orderly manner. Stay away from eating fast food because it contains a high percentage of calories.

Avoid eating extra meals between main meals. Avoid eating foods of all kinds in front of the TV screen.

Eating foods in small-sized dishes, as following this method permanently suggests to the brain satiety, which leads to reducing the size of the stomach.

Caution when eating from satiation, as you must stop eating before reaching the state of satiety so that the body gets used to consuming a smaller percentage of food, which gradually reduces the size of the stomach.

Eat moderate amounts of food while eating the three main meals and make sure to leave a period of time between these meals for a period of three hours.

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