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Horoscope of the month – Sagittarius

Each calendar month marks the birth of two astronomical constellations. In our section, the horoscope of the month, we talk about the sign that occupies the first days of the month, and in December, the sign of Sagittarius takes center stage, and those born in this sign celebrate their birthdays (November 22 – December 20), and the end of the month It goes to Capricorn.

Sagittarius features:

Fire sign, and its symbol is Archer, and the most important planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, and it is considered one of the positive signs and the majority of the owners of this sign tend to be purple, and the sign opposite this sign is Gemini, and the nature of Sagittarius is characterized by a theoretical rather than practical style

Celebrities with Sagittarius:

Among the most famous Sagittarius celebrities: Walt Disney and Bruce Lee.

Personal traits of Sagittarians:

People born in this tower are characterized by vitality, fun and optimism in life.

They have a great love for knowledge and curiosity. Have a good sense of humor and humor ..

Those born in this tower enjoy exemplary and unlimited generosity.

They have a high taste in choosing clothes, as he is one of those born who loves to attract attention.

People born in this tower have a special charisma due to their great openness.

As for the weaknesses of this sign, most of them lie in his “tongue” as he who speaks a lot and spontaneously without choosing words and far from diplomacy, and applies to them the example that says: “He follows with his heart on his tongue.”

He also makes many promises and covenants and does not abide by only very few of them, and also from people who are impatient and who lose their temper if they wait too long.

Sagittarius man:

The man of this sign is always optimistic and cheerful, he accepts losses with laughter, trusts people with absolute confidence, is surrounded by friends and prefers to stick to them in all his projects, he has few enemies, and he pays his family the greatest attention.

Sagittarius woman:

The Sagittarian woman hates dribbling and the weak man, and prefers that all matters and answers be clear in front of her. She always raises many questions even if she knows the answer, and prefers to associate with a strong man.

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