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How did prestige become an exceptional case?

Tim Hassan, the Syrian star, is preparing to end the long journey of the “Al-Hiba” series this month, by showing the movie “Al-Hiba” in cinemas at the end of September, in addition to showing a documentary about the series on the “Shahid” platform, which tells the story of 5 successful parts of the series.

The “Shahid VIP” platform announced the presentation of a documentary film about the series “Al-Hiba” in its five parts, starting today on the platform, and it published a promo of the documentary work, which revealed the presence of the stars of the “Al-Hiba” series in the previous parts, led by artist Tim Hassan and artist Cyrine Abdel Nour, who She participated in the third season of the series, in addition to the able artist Mona Wassef, as well as the producer of the work, Sadiq Al-Sabah.

Where the stars of “Al-Hiba” revealed the scenes of the series’ journey from the beginning to its last station in the cinema, and recalled their memories in the series, and talked about its exceptional success and the series’ ability to create an exceptional situation of popularity, and Tim Hassan stated at work that at the beginning of the series industry he did not plan to continue for several Seasons, and its makers did not know which way the series would go.

Where the series “Al-Hiba” became an exceptional case in Arab drama in recent years, after his journey began in 2017 with the participation of Nadine Nassib Njeim, before his great success prompted the presentation of a second part of it in 2018 entitled “Al-Hiba – Return” with Nicole Saba, and the work continued in The third season in 2019 with Cyrine Abdel Nour entitled “Prestige – Harvest”, before the fourth season in 2020 entitled “Prestige – Response”, and finally the fifth season in 2021 entitled “Prestige – Mountain”.

The five seasons of the series also achieved great public success, despite the change in the series’ heroines, including Cyrine Abdel Nour, Nadine Njeim, Nicolsaba and others, in addition to the diversity of its success, whether on television or on the “Shahid VIP” platform, in which the series topped the most watched Arab lists, in addition to the success of the series outside The Ramadan season also and its transfer to the “Netflix” platform, to the extent that the work outperformed several other works of its hero Tim Hassan in the same period, and the series is considered one of the few works that maintained its success over several parts, in addition to that it is one of the few works that continued for this number One of the parts in the last ten years of Arab drama, which this type of drama has turned in recent years.

The “Al-Hiba” series has become an exceptional case, especially after its makers announced the presentation of a Turkish version of it, for the first time in Arab drama, and the impact of the “Al-Hiba” series extended to the career of Tim Hassan himself, as he returns with the movie “Al-Hiba” to the cinema after an absence of nearly 7 years, Since his last film “An Alternative Plan” in 2015, he recently announced that the film will be shown on September 29, which is the last stop on the “prestige” journey.

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