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How did Wael Ramadan and Salaf Fawakherji’s relationship become after the separation?

In his first comment after the separation of his parents, Wael Ramadan and Slav Fawakherji, Hamza, the eldest son of the Syrian artistic duo, refused to bring personal matters into the work, saying only that his parents had a “sweet and nice” relationship after the separation, as they are friends and co-workers.
Hamza is going through the acting experience through his participation in the movie “Cazy Rose”, which is a social comedy movie that takes place inside the “Rose” restaurant, which brings together several people from multiple and different social classes and classes, who are exposed to a circumstance that makes them live moments of fear and rivalry at times and rapprochement at other times, especially As their lives are about to come to an end, it is worth noting that the film is the product of a directing collaboration between Wael Ramadan, Solaf Fawakherji and Shadi Ali.

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