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How did Yasmine Ezz respond by referring her for investigation?

The Egyptian media, Yasmine Ezz, revealed and commented for the first time on the decision of the Media Syndicate in Egypt about referring her to the investigation, in response to the complaints related to her statement, which recently sparked controversy about the nature of the Egyptian man’s relationship with the woman, as the National Council for Women in Egypt, headed by Dr. Maya Morsi, presented an accusation to Yasmine Ezz. By humiliating and belittling the role of women.

This, and in her first appearance after her crisis and the decision to refer her to the investigation, the Egyptian broadcaster, Yasmine Ezz, said, “When I say respect the man and praise him because he is naughty and tired, and I say no to the loud voice, clubbing and flattering, then my words remain brutal, and when they rise up against the man and heat you up over him, then he remains libel, the people who got The Nobel Prizes were the result of their upbringing in stable families and their receipt of principles, the most important of which is respect for the husband and wife, and respect for the elders for the younger ones.

And she continued her speech: “This respectable program is based on respecting the family entity, preserving its stability, eliminating rivalry and insults between spouses, and consolidating the principles of love, accommodation and mercy.”

Where she added: “There are various programmes, choose what you want to watch, because freedom of opinion is guaranteed to everyone and pleasing people is an unrealized goal, and we are forced to love each other but we are forced to respect each other.”

Yasmine Ezz also thanked, during her speech, the lawyers who volunteered to defend her, saying: “I thank from my heart all the lawyers who volunteered to defend me because I found a fleet of lawyers defending me, and I skipped, and my heart rejoiced. I know that all of my country will stand by me. It is not reasonable for your magnanimity and courage, and I thank the respected ladies.

For his part, Tariq Saada, the head of the Media Syndicate in Egypt, issued a decision to refer Yasmine Ezz for investigation, as he confirmed, saying: “The decision came based on the recommendations of the Syndicate’s Media Observatory, in addition to the numerous complaints received by the Syndicate from many quarters.”

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