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How involved brother injury singing with her?

The artist, Asala, embraced during the Riyadh Season, and impressive connections at the “Mohammed Abdo Arena” theater, in Riyadh City Boulevard, yesterday, Friday, November 25, but the most impressive of them was the emergence of her brother Anas’s talent for singing, and his ascent to the stage for the first time with a distinctive look, and “My Lady” was present between masses; To convey to you these dazzling moments.

Where the ceremony included the presentation of an audio message from the professor

Turki Al-Sheikh from Saudi Arabia, expressing his feelings on this night, during which he said: “Asala is the artist of the entire Arab world, as she sang the Egyptian and the Gulf, and excelled in all colors. This honor, and I hope it will be an incentive for you to present more, and an incentive for your colleagues to be honored with beautiful nights like this, and I was keen, as I commanded you, to see as much of your beautiful songs as possible for your audience that awaits you, and I ask that Bart touches me and all my generation; which is the universal stories, especially the tartar, and I thank you, and I hope That you are enjoying the Riyadh season, and if I were in Riyadh, I would have participated with you tonight. To which she replied: “I salute Abu Nasser, because he cares a lot, and I am grateful for that, and I will perform “People’s Stories.”

She also indicated that she needed someone to share the performance of the song with her. Because she performed it for the first time with her father, may God have mercy on him, and the second time with her brother Anas, who was present at the party, and asked him to go up, but he refused out of shame, so she asked the audience to help her encourage him, so that he would go on stage, and the audience succeeded in that. For her brother Anas to appear for the first time on the stage, and he was wearing the Saudi outfit consisting of a white dress, ghutra, and headband, and she explained that it was the first time that he appeared in this outfit, and she asked him to sit down; To reduce the feeling of tension, they sat down to sing together “people’s stories” in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm.

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