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How much is the US military spending annually?

The United States of America spends a huge budget of American money every year to spend on its army, whose combat efficiency has become the subject of questions, especially in recent years.

This and Americans suffer from a lack of basic life services, tax money is directed to finance the defense budget, which approached a trillion dollars, in a report on the US Army.

The report also indicated that the ability of the United States to have a good defense strategy has become questionable despite its massive spending, referring to the huge defense budget approved by the US Congress for the year 2023.

The US defense budget in 2023 is estimated at $858 billion, of which more than $26 billion is allocated to the intelligence services.

The report pointed out that some White House hawks want to increase the volume of defense spending for the United States of America to reach 4.5 percent of the gross domestic product.

The owners of this approach say that the United States of America should increase its defense spending to respond to Russia and China, as they described it.

Another report by the Washington-based think tank “Atlantic Council” stated that Washington must correct the strategic course of its army, whose budget was approved in 2023 at a value of $858 billion.

And the report continued: “The US army is on its way to becoming the twenty-first century version of the armies that are described as a hollow force, in reference to the material and human losses it suffered after the Vietnam War.

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