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How much time do you need to walk per day?

How many minutes a day do you need to walk to be healthy?
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Until now, we were convinced that to stay healthy we had to take about 10,000 steps a day.
However, experts say that this is a myth invented for one of the advertising campaigns. So, how much time do you need to walk to feel comfortable? Experts say: Much less than you might think!
Walking is one of the best physical activities, it is cheap, easy and helps to engage the whole body.
According to experts, claiming that you need 10,000 steps every day is a myth. You will feel the positive effects of walking after just 20 minutes of daily walking.
Benefits of daily walking
Walking is one of the easiest and cheapest physical activities. All you need is comfortable shoes and a desire. Walking, like any type of movement, has a huge impact on health. It helps keep you fit and burn calories. Strengthens muscles, bones and joints. Additionally, it has a positive effect on our mood by reducing stress.
Walking is recommended primarily for those who have work to sit in for a long time. It is also an excellent form of physical activity for patients with cardiovascular problems. Walking helps provide the body with oxygen and improves the heart rate. In addition, it also affects the increase in the level of good cholesterol in the blood.
How many minutes a day do you need to walk?
“For health, you need to take about 4-6 thousand steps every day. If you move fast and walk about 100 steps per minute, that means about 40-60 minutes of walking per day,” says Rob Arthur, personal trainer. .
However, nothing should be done by force. Forget the legendary 10,000 steps a day figure. It was invented for an advertising campaign for an electronic device. Rob Arthur also notes that once you take a certain number of steps, the benefits you get from walking start to fade. This means that if you walk for 100 minutes a day, it does not make you healthier.
This was confirmed by research conducted in 2019. They also showed that women who walked about 44 minutes a day (meaning they took about 4,4 thousand steps) had a lower death rate than those who walked for 27 minutes. The higher the number of steps, the lower the death rate until it reached 7,500 steps per day (about 75 minutes of walking).
However, if you are looking for other benefits of walking besides longevity, the ideal number of minutes of walking per day may change. 20-25 minutes of walking has a positive effect on our sleep. Moreover, studies have shown that if we walk for at least 20 minutes every day, we will reduce the risk of sudden death and provide ourselves with bursts of energy.

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