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Important tips to maintain attractive lips free of dryness and cracks

Most women suffer from the problem of dry lips, especially when the weather fluctuates, or when they are in low-humidity areas. Other factors can also cause dryness and the appearance of cracks in the lips, such as the use of certain types of medications, problems in the mouth, or habits such as biting the lips.
Beauty experts emphasize very important tips for getting fresh lips, whether by using external powders, or by introducing some drinks and foods as a daily habit that can help keep the lips moist, not dry, and free of cracks.
Drinking plenty of fluids, specifically water, at frequent intervals throughout the day helps keep your mouth and lips hydrated, not counting powdered coffee drinks, soft drinks, and even hot drinks as part of your water intake during the day.
Foods that stimulate saliva production also play an important role in combating dehydration, the most important of which are apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, oranges, and vegetables rich in fiber. On the other hand, avoiding foods full of salts and canned food helps maintain the fluid balance in the body.
Lip balms contribute greatly to getting rid of cracked lips, and experts recommend using mainly pure Vaseline along with some mineral oils designated for this purpose, which help moisturize the lips and remove any excess and dead skin from them.

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