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Imprisonment for an American, a former Twitter manager, so what is the relationship of Saudi Arabia?!!!

Prosecutors announced in a federal court in the US state of San Francisco that a former Twitter manager convicted of spying for Saudi Arabia, by sharing user data over years and exposing them to potential dangers, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in the United States.
Prosecutors had called for a seven-year prison sentence and a strong sentence “to deter others in the technology and social media sector from selling the data of threatened users.”
The accused held a position at Twitter between 2013-2015, where the case centers on his efforts to search for information of two Twitter users in exchange for an hour worth $42,000 that he received from a Saudi official and two money transfers worth $100,000.
According to the prosecution, the accused helped monitor relations with journalists and public figures in the Middle East and North Africa. He was convicted of transmitting sensitive information from the company’s systems to help Saudi officials identify and locate Twitter users of interest.

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