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In a first step of its kind, Google is fighting counterfeiting with artificial intelligence

After the spread of images manufactured by artificial intelligence tools capable of converting texts into images, the information technology giant Google announced the creation of a tool to combat counterfeiting by means of artificial intelligence, in a step that is the first of its kind to combat the great progress of technology capable of falsifying visual and audio information.

And Google revealed its new SynthID tool, which can show users a permanent watermark on images that it identifies as computer-made and not taken from a real digital camera, and that mark will remain on the image regardless of any blurring modifications.

And the new Google software has the ability to scan images coming to the Internet and determine if they were made by a program such as Imagen, the most popular artificial intelligence application capable of converting texts into images, while the results of the scan will appear in the form of options “either that image is computer-made or it was not.” computer generated or it is not specified.

According to the company, the new technology is not completely perfect, but it is under development and can now show accurate results about many of the images that have been manipulated according to what was stated in the official blog of the site, provided that it is expanded and developed to include other uses.

It is worth noting that the trial version of the new technology has been launched for some subscribers of the Vertex AI service, which specializes in artificial intelligence.

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