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In addition to its richness in vitamin C, we discovered an amazing benefit of the kiwi fruit

A new study conducted by researchers at Otago universities, published in the British Journal of Nutrition and reported by MirageNews, revealed an amazing new benefit of kiwi fruit that can be obtained in record time.
Research indicates that kiwis, which are rich in vitamin C, contain effective components that have the ability to improve mental and physical health within a short period.
155 people suffering from low levels of vitamin C participated in the study. They were subjected to a diet for 8 weeks, and divided into groups, some of whom took nutritional supplements of the vitamin, and others were given two kiwi fruits daily, and reported daily through several questions via smartphones about their condition. , as vitamin C has long been linked to a feeling of vitality, activity, mental health, and reduced depression, but the time course of this effect is still unknown.
The study concluded that those who used kiwi fruit improved their mood within 4 days and felt more energetic, while the peak effect ranged from 14 to 16 days.

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