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India-Russia joint military exercises

The press office of the Russian Southern Military District announced the holding of joint military exercises with India, at the “Broadboy” field near the city of Volgograd in southern Russia, starting in early August.
A statement issued by the office said, “A joint exercise between Russia and India will be held in the framework of the “Indra-2021” exercises, at the “Broadboy” training ground in the Southern Military District in the Volgograd region, from August 1 to 13. About 80 soldiers from the army of the southern region (infantry battalion) and about 80 soldiers from the Indian armed forces are scheduled to participate.
The statement also added that during the maneuvers in the Southern Military District, 300 different targets will be used, including 100 moving targets and simulating motorized vehicles and armored vehicles.
And check: “The task of the exercise is to increase the readiness of the command and control bodies and the means to combat terrorism.”
At one stage of the exercise, the sub-units of the two countries will destroy a simulated enemy in a training area specially designed for this purpose, consisting of 3 streets and 50 residential buildings.
Also, 16 moving targets will be placed in place, including UAZs, and about 30 structures representing life-size people imitating potential militants.
The second final planning conference of representatives of the armed forces of Russia and India was held earlier and included the organization of planning and preparation of the international Russian-Indian tactical exercise “Indra – 2021”, in Volgograd. The delegations of the two countries agreed on the duration of the exercises, their plan and the proposed scenarios, in addition to the composition of forces and means, procedures for crossing state borders, and the organization of insurance.

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