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International monitoring reveals the details of the Sinai incident

The “Multinational Observation Force” revealed the details of the crash of its “helicopter” carrying American soldiers in Sinai inside Egyptian territory, confirming the killing of 8 people – six Americans, a French and a Czech …

In a statement posted on its website, the force said: “During a routine mission near Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, there were 9 members of the multinational force and observers in a helicopter crash. We are deeply saddened to report that 8 members of the multinational force in uniform were killed.” American, French and Czech citizens. A member of the multinational force – an American – survived and was medically evacuated. Names withheld, pending notification of relatives.

The statement added that the multinational force and the observers will open an investigation to determine the cause of the accident, and the statement concluded: “At this stage, there is no information indicating that the crash was nothing but an accident. We greatly appreciate the cooperation and support of Egypt and Israel.”

It is noteworthy that the peacekeeping force was formed by Israel and Egypt to oversee parts of the historic 1979 peace treaty after the United Nations refused to agree to deploy a force in Sinai, and the force was created as an alternative to the UN mission, but it has always enjoyed great international support, especially from The United States currently has more than 1,100 soldiers from Australia, the United States, Canada and France.

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