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International stars chose their wives from Lebanon

Social media and international and Arab news sites were filled with pictures of international star Joe Jonas spending time with the young Lebanese actress Laila Abdullah on the beach of Athens in Greece, and it seemed that what brought the duo together was more than just a passing friendship.
Joe Jonas is not the first international star to choose a Lebanese partner. Below, get to know some of the stars whose love young Lebanese women were able to win, some of whom continued their relationship and some of whom did not:
George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin
Previously, the famous Hollywood bachelor George Clooney might give up his title and enter the golden cage, but that happened after he met the Lebanese Amal Alamuddin, who stole his heart.
In 2014, the star celebrated his wedding to Lebanese lawyer Amal Alamuddin in Venice, Italy. This marriage is still going on and successfully, despite the rumors that haunt it from time to time.
The duo’s relationship resulted in the birth of their twins, Ella and Alexander.
On the other hand, the international player Cesek Fabregas married his Lebanese lover, Daniela Semaan, whom he met in one of the famous Japanese restaurants in London, and at that time he exchanged a phone number with her, knowing that Fabregas had had a relationship with Carla Garcia for years, but he abandoned her after he met Semaan.
After a years-long love relationship that brought them together and resulted in three children, Fabregas proposed to his lover and she agreed to it, saying: “Yes,” and published a picture on her Instagram account showing the wedding ring.
The American actor, film producer, and fashion model, Channing Tatum, also married in 2009 a woman of Lebanese origins, the American actress and dancer, “Jenna Lee Diwan,” with whom he had his only daughter. However, the couple soon separated after 9 years, and it was then included in the application submitted for divorce that the reason was: “Differences that are difficult to resolve.”
We cannot forget the Spanish football player Gerard Pique. He was among the list of world celebrities who are linked to Lebanese women. In 2011, he was linked to the famous Colombian singer of Lebanese origins, Shakira, after a love story that began between them when he appeared in her video (Waka Waka), which is the official anthem for the 2010 World Cup. Which was filmed in Madrid, during which Pique and his team won the World Cup at that time. Then the duo got engaged the following year and had two children, Sasha and Milan, before they separated last year as a result of his betrayal of her.
In 2009, specifically on Valentine’s Day in February, the French billionaire François-Henri Pinault married the famous Mexican artist of Lebanese origins, Salma Hayek, in the capital of love. Paris. A few months later, they held a star-studded party in the Italian city of Venice. It seems that Valentine’s Day holds a special place in the hearts of the couple, as they chose the name Valentina for their daughter.
To this day, they still have a special relationship, and love has never been far from the details of their lives.
The most recent marriage was Joe Jonas, who was the latest to join the list. Paparazzi cameras caught the international star while he was on the beach in Athens, Greece, with a young woman whose identity was unknown at first, but it later became clear that she was an Arab actress, and apparently her relationship with the star was romantic.
Pictures obtained by TMZ showed Joe Jonas with a young woman, and they were in perfect harmony, holding hands and laughing while playing in the water together.
Therefore, MailOnline was able to exclusively reveal that the young woman who was accompanying the 28-year-old star was actress Laila Abdullah, also 28 years old.
Laila and Joe have a lot in common. They are both familiar with the world of fame. While Joe achieved fame with his band, The Jonas Brothers, and his appearance in some films, Laila is known in her homeland, Lebanon, and the Arab world for her numerous appearances on television. They also both experienced divorce.

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