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International stars in Saudi Arabia awaiting the festival

After a few hours, the most prominent event in Saudi cinema and culture, the Red Sea International Film Festival, will begin its third session, as Jeddah is scheduled to witness the launch of the festival’s activities in the presence of a group of Arab and international stars in addition to Bollywood stars, from November 30 to December 9. .
Among the stars who documented their presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in Jeddah, is Hollywood star Sofia Vergara. The star shared two posts on Instagram, one of which includes a group of photos of her on a shopping tour in the neighborhoods of Jeddah, where she appears to be on a shopping spree to buy perfumes and spices. She also added two pictures that exude authenticity and nobility in one of Jeddah’s neighborhoods, through which the minaret of a mosque and a market appeared.
The other publication is a video clip documenting her experience in the Saudi market.
The activities of the Red Sea Film Festival are scheduled to begin this evening, with the screening of the film “Hawjan” by director Yasser Al-Yasiri, at the opening ceremony. The film is considered the first Saudi film to be shown at the opening of the Red Sea International Film Festival. The official account of the festival announced on Instagram, through a post, that the film “Hawjan” will open the third session of the festival, in a statement that said: “The Red Sea International Film Festival is pleased to unveil and announce the film Hawjan by director Yasser Al-Yasiri as a film.” The opening of the third session, as part of its world premiere.
The closing film of the festival will be the biographical film “Ferrari”, directed by Michael Mann, and starring Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, and Patrick Dempsey.

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