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Iran announces a new ballistic missile with a very wide range

Today, Iran announced the latest product of Iranian ballistic missiles “Khorramshahr 4”, in the presence of the Minister of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani.

The new missile is the latest version of the Khorramshahr missiles, and it works on liquid fuel with a range of 2000 km and a warhead of 1500 kg, and it has tactical advantages in addition to its strategic advantages.

Among the salient features of this missile, according to information published by the official Iranian news agency “IRNA”, is the presence of a guidance and control system in the middle stage of its trajectory that enables it to control the state of the warhead and correct its trajectory outside the atmosphere, and it is immune from electronic warfare attacks, and it does not need packages. Control reduces the weight of the systems required in the warhead, and increases the weight of the propellants.

According to the agency, the very low speed of preparation and launch is another characteristic of the “Khorramshahr 4”, which made it a tactical missile in addition to its strategic characteristics. Due to its very powerful engine, this missile has a very special effect, which is 280 seconds on the ground and 300 seconds in space. The presence of this engine made the speed of this missile reach 16 Mach outside the atmosphere and 8 Mach inside the atmosphere.

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