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Iran arrests a person intending acts of sabotage

The arrest of a person by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard who was working for the intelligence services of a Gulf state and was intending to carry out sabotage in Hormozgan, in the south of the country.

The Public Relations of the Revolutionary Guards said, “The intelligence agent of one of the reactionary states in the Gulf was arrested, who was planning to carry out sabotage acts in western Hormuzkan province,” noting that “he was tracked down by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and was arrested at the headquarters of the intelligence service in the city of Bandar Abbas, By agency

And the intelligence of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced, earlier, the arrest of a spy working for the Israeli Mossad in Kerman Governorate, southeastern Iran.

Where, according to the statement of the Revolutionary Guards, the Mossad spy said in his confessions that he “saw an advertisement on the Internet related to the Mossad,” adding that “this advertisement made him feel curious and get this job.”

He also explained that he “sent them a request via e-mail, and that in order to satisfy the other party, he declared that he was ready to take any kind of action in line with the goals of the Zionist intelligence service in Iran,” according to the Iranian statement.

Whereas, on October 24, the Iranian authorities announced the arrest of a group collaborating with the Israeli Mossad, which targeted Iranian intelligence agents in West Azerbaijan Province.

The judiciary said, in a statement: “10 agents linked to the Zionist entity were arrested through intelligence surveillance, and their main activity was to identify Iranian intelligence elements active in the field of fighting the Zionist entity in West Azerbaijan province.”

The statement added, “The members of this group moved under the direct direction of intelligence officers in the Mossad in order to identify the forces that cooperate with the security services in the country, and by kidnapping, threatening and beating them, they intended to extract information from them.”

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