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Iran calls for Israel to condemn the attacks on Syria

Iran said, “The UN Security Council must condemn the Israeli aggression and its terrorist attacks on Syria.”

Iran’s representative to the United Nations, Amir Saeed Erwani, stated that “the practices of the Zionist entity in its repeated violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and its targeting of people and civilian infrastructure, especially attacks on airports and ships carrying humanitarian aid, are a violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations,” stressing Syria’s legitimate right to defense. on its own according to international conventions,

The Iranian delegate added, during the Security Council meeting, that “security and stability in northern Syria can only be achieved through preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country and their full respect,” stressing that “any military operation in northern Syria could pose a challenge to humanitarian issues, and make matters worse.” .

Last Wednesday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced the killing of Colonel Dawood Jafari by Zionist agents near the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The Public Relations of the Revolutionary Guards also said, in a statement, that “one of the Air Force advisors in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Colonel Dawood Jafari, was martyred in Syria when an explosive device exploded at the hands of agents of the Zionist entity near Damascus.”

Also, on November 19, four soldiers in the Syrian Arab Army were killed, in air strikes launched by Israeli planes over the Mediterranean Sea opposite the coastal city of Baniyas.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed its condemnation of the Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, and considered them a “violation” of international laws.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kanaani, revealed, “The reason for Israel’s persistence in attacking Syria is the silence of the international community and the continuation of the attacks in violation of international laws, and we strongly condemn them, and they must be answered firmly, and everyone must bear responsibility for this aggression.”

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