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Iran imports large quantities of Russian gas

Today, Tuesday, Iranian media revealed that Tehran intends to import 9 million cubic meters per day of Russian gas, through pipelines that pass through Azerbaijan.

According to the Iranian Agency for the Iranian Oil Ministry, Iran will get another 6 million cubic meters of Russian gas per day under the supply exchange agreement, which provides for the shipment of similar quantities, but in the form of liquefied natural gas from stations in southern Iran with the participation of the Russian company “Gazprom”.

Also, according to the agency, Tehran intends to import up to 15 million cubic meters of gas per day through supplies from Russia to improve its supply to major areas in the northwest of the country.

Earlier, Fars Agency indicated that there is information about the possibility of receiving Russian gas through Turkmenistan in exchange for exchanging supplies to Turkey and Iraq.

Also, last August, Iranian Oil Minister Javad Odji announced plans to conclude an agreement on exchanging gas supplies between Tehran and Moscow.

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