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Iran is about to regain its right

Yesterday, Friday, British media revealed that Iran is in the process of regaining its right to vote at the United Nations, after releasing more than $18 million and transferring it to an account of the international organization in Seoul.
The Canadian website, quoting one of the sources, stated that the arrival of these funds is expected next Sunday or Monday.
Also, on January 11, Iran lost its right to vote due to large debts owed to the organization.
Article 19 of the Charter of the United Nations provides for the suspension of the right to vote in the General Assembly of any state whose amount of arrears is equal to or greater than the contribution owed by it for the preceding two years.

On January 11, the UN Secretary-General announced that Iran would have to pay $18.4 million to regain its right to vote.

Tehran has made it clear that it cannot meet the minimum required to pay its debts at the United Nations due to the economic and financial sanctions imposed by Washington.
The annual operating budget of the United Nations, which was approved in December, is about $3 billion. The budget for separate peacekeeping operations, which was approved in June, is $6.5 billion.

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