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Iran is attacking for the Palestinian cause

The Iranian Foreign Ministry returned to attacking countries, which had printed its relationship with Israel, stressing that this was made by American pressure in the region. “Our position is clear towards the Zionist entity as well as the normalization process, which has been made in the region,” he said, adding that he regretted some Arab and Islamic governments in the region normalize political relations “We believe that the presence of the Zionist entity in the region will not bring security for any party and does not guarantee the rights of Palestine, and the Palestinian people are believed that some countries in the region normalize relations with the Zionist entity betrayal of the Palestinian cause, so” The official normalization between the Zionist entity and some governments in the region does not mean acceptance of the people of the region in this law, but increased hatred of peoples to the Zionist entity, “he said. In September 2020, The UAE and Bahrain signed a normalization agreement with Israel in Washington under the patronage of former US President Donaldarb, and then to join Morocco and Sudan late the same year to the” Installabe agreements “.

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