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Iran may reach an agreement if Washington agrees

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh stated that if the United States made its decision and responded to the remaining points in the nuclear talks, then a nuclear agreement could be reached.
Zadeh added during his weekly press conference, today, Monday: “The visit of the European Union Coordinator for nuclear negotiations, Enrique Mora, to Tehran confirms that we are still continuing the talks in the right way.”
The spokesman explained: “There have been measures by Washington that go against expectations, and America is not ready to reach an agreement, and it must restore the rights of the Iranian people, and since tomorrow we are ready to sign the agreement if Washington is serious.”
Khatibzadeh also continued: “What is happening in Vienna is related to the decisions of the United States, and Iran and the 4+1 group have reached the required consensus,” adding: “The last paragraph, its decision is in the hands of Washington only, and we do not expect America to present a gift to the Iranian people, but rather that It restores the rights of the Iranian people, and once this is implemented, the agreement will be signed immediately.”
He also added: “What is going on between Iran and the United States of America is that we are asking Washington to return to the nuclear agreement and verify its honest and truthful return to the agreement, and there are those who are seeking, led by the United States, to launch a media war against Iran.”
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said: “Moura’s visit to Iran confirms that the negotiations are going in the right steps, and if America takes its decision and responds to the remaining points, an agreement can be reached.”

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