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Iran reduces gas supplies to Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity stated, today, Tuesday, that Iran has reduced gas supplies to Iraq by about 20 million cubic meters during the past two days.

According to the Iraqi News Agency, on behalf of the ministry, Ahmed al-Abadi, stated that “the Iranian side has reduced the amount of gas flowing to Iraq by about 20 million cubic meters during the past two days.”

Al-Abadi added, “Paying money to buy gas from Iran does not involve any delay, and there are no debts.”

Al-Abadi also made it clear that a delegation headed by the Minister of Electricity will visit Iran next week to overcome obstacles.

He pointed out that Iraqi officials will inform the Iranian side that Iraq is on the verge of entering the peak of loads due to the high temperatures.

“The Ministry of Electricity has set its plan to produce 24,000 megawatts per day,” he added.

He also pointed out that “it is possible that the demand will rise to 35,000 megawatts, and at that time citizens will be affected, because the volume of production will not reach the volume of demand at that time.”

A spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity confirmed that work is continuing to improve the system and expand networks.

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