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Iran reveals its new missile

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard stated that the “fattah” hypersonic missile cannot be destroyed by any anti-missile because of its speed and movement in different directions and heights.

The commander of the Aerospace Force of the Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, explained that “the Fattah hypersonic missile, due to its technology, cannot be targeted by air defense systems, nor can it be destroyed by any anti-missile due to its speed and movement in different directions and heights.”

Where Hajizadeh added, “The missile that was revealed today is a unique missile of its kind in the world, so that Iran, with its disclosure, became one of the four countries that possess this technology.”

The Air Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard revealed, earlier today, a new advanced hypersonic missile called “Fattah”, in the presence of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi.

The Iranian news agency also reported that the “Fatah” missile is a hypersonic missile that is capable of passing through the most advanced and most advanced missile defense systems, and that it is “capable of targeting missile defense systems that could be among the most important defense elements of the enemy.”

“This missile is characterized by increased accuracy, very high speed, and excellent maneuverability, in addition to the ability to hide and pass radar systems,” according to the Iranian agency.

She added that the “Fatah” missile has a range of 1,400 km, and is characterized by a very high speed, “Mach 13, or 13 times the speed of sound,” stressing that “the warhead of the missile is equipped with a spherical engine that runs on solid fuel and a moving nozzle that gives it the ability to maneuver in all directions.” .

And the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced, last month, that “the curtain will be unveiled soon on the Iranian hypersonic ballistic missile.”

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