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Iran reveals the difficulties of the Agreement

Tehran has confirmed that the United States of America is not prepared to provide real and realistic assurances for a return to the nuclear agreement, but only pledges to sign any agreement.
The Chairman of the National Security Committee of the Iranian Parliament, Jalal Zadeh, said that “Iran demands American guarantees supported by an international Security Council resolution.”
Washington was not prepared to lift all sanctions and was seeking to maintain some of them.
With regard to the idea of the Interim Agreement, Zada stressed that the Interim Agreement put forward the idea of releasing some of Iran’s frozen funds, demanded a reduction in the rate of uranium enrichment, and called for a halt to the production of centrifuges, stressing that the Iranian Strategy was not based on an interim agreement.
Zada expressed his country’s readiness to take the first step back to the agreement, noting that the problem remained in verifying the lifting of United States sanctions against Tehran.

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