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Iran reveals the invasion of Kurdistan

The Iranian authorities revealed that Tehran had never considered invading the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and there was no intention to enter Iraqi territory.

Iran’s ambassador to Baghdad, Muhammad Kazem Al Sadiq, said, “The Iranian bombing of the Kurdistan region is a guaranteed right to self-defense,” expressing his hope that “the armed groups will be controlled and that no attack on our lands will be repeated after the recent understanding between the two countries.”

Al Sadiq added, “The recent unrest in Iran was due to the infiltration of Kurdish opposition elements from Erbil, and our security services arrested a terrorist cell in Iran that had a big plan and launched from Erbil as well.”

He stressed that “Iran does not export its crises abroad, and it is facing terrorist operations emanating from the Kurdistan region, and sometimes American drones that reconnoiter the Iraqi-Iranian borders and deep within our borders.”

Last month, the Iraqi National Security Adviser, Qassem Al-Araji, and the Secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, signed a security agreement to coordinate between the two countries in protecting their common borders.

Iran repeatedly targets the Iraqi Kurdistan region under the pretext of bombing “sites of separatist and terrorist groups,” while Baghdad denies harboring any groups that threaten neighboring countries.

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