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Iran seizes an Iranian ship in the Gulf with its crew

Today, Wednesday, the Iranian authorities revealed the detention of a foreign ship that was transporting smuggled fuel in the southern province of Hormozgan, and the detention of its crew.
The Iranian agency stated, “The ship was transporting more than 550,000 liters of smuggled fuel, and the Iranian authorities confiscated it in the Gulf waters and took it to the port,” noting that the judicial authorities took over the case to conduct the necessary investigations.
The agency also quoted an unidentified judicial official as saying: “Seven crew members were arrested.”
Last Saturday, the Iranian authorities announced the detention of a ship in the Gulf port carrying “smuggled fuel”, noting that its crew had been arrested.
According to the Iranian agency, the head of the Judicial Authority in Hormozgan Province, Mojtaba Qahramani, said that “the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s navy has detained the ship, which was carrying 42,000 liters of smuggled fuel.”
Qahramani added, “Elements of the Fifth Corps of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard took this measure in coordination with the Public Prosecutor in the province.”
He also stated that “the ship’s crew of 4 individuals is under arrest to complete the investigation and legal procedures,” noting that “the perpetrators of organized smuggling of fuel are sentenced, in addition to fines and imprisonment, to confiscation of property resulting from the crime in favor of the government.”

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