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Iran speaks in a threatening tone

Iran revealed the detention of foreign ships. Mohammad Dehghan, legal advisor to Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, said on Thursday that his country would respond in kind if its ships were detained, in response to a previous statement by the US Department of Justice in this regard.
He stressed that his country would take action on the legal level, saying, “We will also not neglect the legal aspect, according to what was reported by ISNA. As for the confiscation of 520,000 barrels of Iranian oil, as previously announced by Washington, he indicated that he has no information about the validity of that incident.” “It is not known whether this actually happened or not.” He believed that this information should be issued through the Ministry of Oil and Gas.
He also added that America sometimes confiscates foreign ships and incorrectly classifies them as Iranian.
Last week, the US Department of Justice announced the confiscation of more than 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil worth $25 million, according to what was reported by the Associated Press.
While it revealed that criminal charges had been brought against buyers of Iranian crude oil in China, Russia, and Syria, hinting at the confiscation of ships carrying oil from Iran.
While American officials described these measures as part of a broader effort to obstruct financial aid to the Iranian army. These American measures came in conjunction with the general escalation of tension in the region, since the outbreak of the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip. Several fronts erupted in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, and attacks on several American bases in the region escalated, especially in Iraq and Syria.

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