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Iran, the practices of NATO will lead to its collapse

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, delivered a speech at the plenary session of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament), in which he stressed that cooperation between Russia and Iran will enhance security in the region.
In his speech before the Russian State Duma, the Iranian president said that “Iran’s nuclear activity is legal and legitimate and is subject to the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency.”
He also added: “We are not involved in creating nuclear weapons, and this is not in our defense strategy.”
He continued, “Iran does not seek to produce a nuclear bomb, and the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed in 15 reports that there are no violations in our nuclear program.”
Raisi also stressed that “Iran is implementing all its commitments, while the United States has undermined its commitments and did not implement them, and the Europeans have done the same.”
Raisi stressed that the Iranian government continues to strive towards lifting the sanctions imposed on the country, and protecting the rights of the Iranian people.
Regarding NATO, he said: “The current practices of NATO will lead to its collapse.”
He stressed that cooperation between Moscow and Tehran will enhance security in the region, adding that “the initial agreements between Iran and Russia will give a great impetus to trade and economic relations between the two countries.”

He added, “It is necessary to develop relations with Moscow and to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, and this is what President Putin and I see.”
The Iranian president also expressed his support for Russia’s initiative to organize a conference with the participation of parliament speakers in Iran, Russia and Turkey

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