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Iran threatens Iranian ships

Major General Hajizadeh, Commander of the Aerospace Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, announced today, Friday, that American ships are within range of Iran’s missiles.

According to the Iranian IRNA agency, Zadeh confirmed that the entire American fleet is within range of Iranian missiles.

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards added that all American ships are at a distance of 2,000 km in the Indian Ocean and the Red and Mediterranean Bahrain, and are within range of Iran’s missiles.

He also explained that the ceiling of 2,000 kilometers for Iranian missiles was set “out of respect for the Europeans, and we hope that they will maintain their respect.”

Zadeh was speaking on the occasion of the third of Sha’ban, which is the Day of the Revolutionary Guards, and noted that America wants to destabilize security in West Asia and in the world.

Where the Iranian leader referred to America was a major cause in the wars (Iraq, the Iran-Iraq war, the war in Afghanistan, and other wars).

Zadeh continued by saying: If we are not strong, the same incidents will extend to Iran.

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