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Iran threatens Israel from Pakistan

During his visit to Pakistan, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that if Israel attacked Iranian territory, “circumstances” would completely change.
Raisi added: “There will be nothing left of the Israeli entity if it attacks Iranian territory.”
Explosions also occurred in the city of Isfahan on Friday morning, in what American sources described as an Israeli attack, but Tehran doubted the incident and indicated that it did not intend to retaliate.
The Iranian President is holding talks with Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif during his visit to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, to enhance trade and diplomatic cooperation between the two countries, according to official statements.
The visit includes the capital, Islamabad, the city of Lahore in the east of the country, and Karachi in the south, with Raisi moving from Pakistan to Sri Lanka next Wednesday.
Raisi’s visit to Islamabad comes after tension and exchange of strikes across the border last January, against the backdrop of operations carried out by armed groups in the border areas with Pakistan.
Last December, the “Army of Justice” group, an anti-Iranian group inside Pakistan, claimed responsibility for an attack targeting a police station in the Rask region of Iran, killing 11 Iranian policemen.
In response to that attack, Tehran carried out air and missile strikes last January, targeting sites belonging to the “Jaish al-Adl” group inside Pakistani territory, declaring that the target was an “Iranian terrorist group.”
These strikes raised tension between Iran and Pakistan, as days later, Pakistan carried out air strikes targeting what it described as “terrorist havens” in areas near its borders within Iranian territory.

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