Iranian army commander vows to Israel

The Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army, Major General Abd al-Rahim Mousavi, vowed today, Wednesday, that his country would make the Zionist entity or any of its assistants regret if it thought of carrying out any attack targeting Iran’s security.

Major General Abd al-Rahim Mousavi’s statements came during a session of the Supreme Council of Army Commanders, stressing that “the Zionist entity began its delirium with the intensification of political differences and the emergence of the internal legitimacy crisis on the one hand, and the feeling of regional insecurity on the other.”

The Iranian agency also stated that the statements of the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army come in response to what it called “the threats of the Israeli Prime Minister-designate to Iran,” explaining that Tel Aviv is in a critical situation, at the present time, in light of the internal political and security crisis and Israel’s submission to severe internal and external pressures, as well as “Institutional and financial corruption, scandals of prominent officials, and insecurity resulting from the escalation of the Palestinian resistance operations against him.”

Major General Abd al-Rahim Mousavi also mentioned that Israel has become, today, hated by international public opinion as a result of the continuous violations of international law against the Palestinian people.

And the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army went on

The empty threats of the leaders of the Zionist entity are mainly affected by the extremism of the rival party, and the authorities of this entity are well aware that in the event of any hostile action, they will certainly not be able to stand against Iran’s crushing response.

Where Major General Mousavi stressed that the Israeli movements are under continuous and accurate monitoring, and the Iranian army is fully prepared to deal with any hostile action, in a way that makes it receive a decisive and lightning-fast response.

Iran and Israel constantly exchange threats, against the background of the growing hostility between the two countries over the Palestinian cause and the Iranian nuclear program, which Israel considers an existential threat to it.

Israel also accuses Iran of supporting armed attacks against it, while Tehran says that Israel has carried out several assassinations of Iranian officials, including a prominent official killed last May.

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