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Iranian President’s visit to Russia is a turning point

Today, Tuesday, the Iranian ambassador to Moscow, Kazem Jalali, said that the visit of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to Russia is a historic turning point in the relations between the two countries.
Jalali stressed that the visit lays a path for cooperation between the two countries.
Jalali also considered that the visit is of great importance in light of international developments in the region.
He said that it is natural for the visit to receive denigration by the enemies due to its importance and objectives.

Jalali stressed the Iranian president’s meeting with the Russian president, to discuss all international and regional issues and to enhance joint bilateral cooperation.

On a long-term agreement with Russia, the Iranian ambassador to Moscow clarified that a draft has been prepared for this matter, but its signing takes a long time, so it will not take place during the visit.
A previous agreement was signed between Russia and Iran in 2001 and expired last year, but there is an intention to renew it, according to Jalali’s statement to IRNA, who added that the foreign ministers of Iran and Russia agreed to prepare a draft to extend the agreement, after reviewing it in the parliaments of the two countries.

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