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Iranian threat to Israel to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa

The Iranian Parliamentary Cultural Committee, warned Israel against committing any foolishness against Iran, threatening to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Committee member Ahmed Rastineh Hafashjani said, “The flame of the Islamic nation’s anger in revenge for the blood of the most prominent leader who fought against terrorism in revenge for the horrific crime of assassinating the leader of hearts will not be extinguished,” warning “the fabricated Israeli entity from committing any foolishness.”

Rastina Hafashjani stressed the need to “warn the different Israeli entity from the wrath of the Islamic nation,” saying that “one foolishness is enough to flatten Haifa and Tel Aviv.”

Also, Iranian Revolutionary Guards spokesman Ramadan Sharif confirmed that his country’s nuclear facilities are “fortified”, warning Israel not to pay a heavy price for its decision to attack.

Sharif said in response to a question about the possibility of Israel carrying out its threats: “That the Israelis want to do something about Iran’s nuclear facilities, this is clear, but there are two things that prevent them from doing so.”

He went on to explain: “The first is to respond in kind, and the second is the conditions of the facilities in Iran, which are very firmly fortified and the Zionists cannot take any action against them.”

He considered that the second thing that prevents Israel from carrying out its threats is the “plans of passive defense operations,” adding, “But the fact that they (the Israelis) are talking, screaming and chanting slogans, this is a reality. verbal and media reports, to the extent that the new commander of the Israeli Air Force said, “We will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities within the next two days, and some have translated it until tomorrow.”

“After these maneuvers, the Zionist Prime Minister (Naftali Bennett) officially instructed the army that from now on, no one has the right to talk about Iran in any way,” said Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif, who is also a public relations official in the Revolutionary Guards.

He suggested that the Israeli threats are just: “wordplay for the sake of political consumption, especially exploitation to overcome their problems in the occupied territories,” adding, “These issues make them try to market their problems abroad.”

And recently, more than one Israeli official stated that preparations are underway to prepare for an attack targeting Iranian nuclear sites, while they considered that any Israeli attack would face a “painful” response.

And Hebrew media revealed that the Israeli Chief of Staff, Aviv Kohavi, directed the armed forces to speed up preparations for a possible attack on Iran, while Tomer Bar, the new commander of the Israeli Air Force, said that “the air force can successfully carry out an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, if necessary, if necessary. that”

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