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Iraq disclosure of funds for graft

Today, Tuesday, the Iraqi Integrity Commission announced the total funds issued for its response to graft cases for the year 2021.
This came in a statement by the Legal Department of the Commission concerned with investigating corruption files in Iraq, and the statement said that the total amounts of illicit gain issued in respect of which court rulings to return it amounted to 2.716 billion Iraqi dinars ($26,215 million).
He also added that “resolute and distinguished efforts made by the department in cooperation with the investigation and prevention departments in the authority resulted in the recovery of the aforementioned sums.”
The Law of Integrity and Illicit Gain also stipulates in Article (19/4) of it that “the court shall rule to refund the value of the illicit gain. The project”.
Also, according to the same law, “the expiry of the criminal case by death does not preclude the implementation of the judgment to return the value of the illegal gain.

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