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Iraq’s optimism to reach the final of the Gulf 25

A number of former coaches and players of the Iraqi national team said they hoped the Lions of Mesopotamia would overcome the obstacle of the Qatari national team, and ensure reaching the final of the 25th Gulf Championship, which is currently being held in Basra.

Iraq, the leader of the first group, will meet Qatar, the runner-up of the second, in the first meeting in the semi-final round at the Basra International Stadium, while Bahrain, the leader of the second, will play with its Omani opponent, who ranks second in the first group, in a confrontation that will be held today at the Olympic Port Stadium.

And between Hassan Ahmed, the former oil coach, our team played good-level matches, and the technical aspect is escalating from one match to another.

Ahmed added, “Coach Casas is required to put the most prominent squad in the Qatar match, and to avoid taking the risk of being substituted, as he did in most of the previous matches.”

He continued, “The Iraqi player is always on time in the decisive matches, and is able to provide the best performance against Al-Annabi of Qatar.”

For his part, coach Saad Hafez called on the Iraqi players to make the best bid, and focus on the minutes of the confrontation, because it will be the crossing station towards reaching the fourth Gulf title in the history of Iraqi football.

Hafez, a former member of the Iraqi Olympic team’s coaching staff, continued: “The coach, Casas, has a high technical vision, and is able to develop the appropriate tactic to overtake his Qatari competitor.”

And he added, “Our ambition is to see our team reach the podiums, and this requires appearing in a distinguished way, as happened in previous meetings, and winning the top of the group.”

And he continued, “More than one player in our team appeared perfectly, and they have to do more in their match today

And he concluded: “When our team plays in front of our large fans, which exceeded 70,000 spectators, it is a sign of support and great support in order to compete strongly for the title of the Gulf Championship.”

On the other hand, there will be another battle between Bahrain and Oman

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