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Is the Mona Zaki Ramadan series stopped?

A resident of Izbat al-Burj, in agreement with a lawyer from the governorate, submitted a legal notice to stop filming a series under guardianship, claiming that it distorts the image of the town and violates the norms and traditions on which its people were brought up.

The complainant demanded that the series be stopped until the story was modified and that any scenes of violence, theft and bullying that might harm the reputation of the town, which depended on tourism, mainly pouring into the resort of Ras al-Bar first, as the neighboring countries depended on selling fish and others, which the complainant believed would tarnish the reputation of the city and reduce opportunities to work out.

He also stressed the need to communicate with the city’s residents to appoint a supervisory committee for the events, so as not to violate the above conditions, and the Sayidaty website published a copy of the warning.

Where Rehab Moussa, a member of the Egyptian House of Representatives representing the Damietta Governorate, filed an official complaint with the Speaker of the Council, Counselor Hanafi Jabali, against the series, confirming, based on the leaking of a picture of the artist Mona Zaki from the scenes, that the series Under Guardianship offends the image of women in the governorate.

Sources from the work family also denied the existence of any problems or obstacles to the filming course, and the work makers emphasized the continuity of preparation for the series, which was being prepared for some time.

A series under guardianship consisting of 15 episodes, co-starring with Mona Zaki Diab, Maha Nassar, Nisreen Amin, Rushdi Al-Shami, Khaled Kamal, Muhammad Abdel-Azim, and the work is written by Khaled and Sherine Diab and directed by Muhammad Shaker Khudair.

The series Under Guardianship discusses the suffering of widows in spending on their families, and the injustice they are exposed to in the absence of a breadwinner.

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