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Is there a new American scheme in Ukraine?

For the second year, the Russian military operation in Ukraine continues, and in the latest field developments, the Russian “TASS” agency reported that American-made armored vehicles carrying chemicals moved towards the contact line to carry out a provocative action.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the United States was planning a provocation in Ukraine using toxic chemicals.

The commander of the radiological, chemical and biological protection forces in the Russian army, Igor Kirilov, revealed that American-made armored vehicles containing chemicals were advancing towards the contact line, in preparation for provocative actions.

And between Kirillov: “American-made armored vehicles were loaded with a shipment that was delivered in boxes with the inscription (the letters “P-Z” in English) and marked with two red lines, indicating that the materials have a toxic content…, in addition to the presence of other signs containing the words “C-S”. Riot

Kirillov also considered that the statements of the former US ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, about Russia’s alleged plans to use chemical weapons, a premeditated intention by Washington itself and its accomplices to carry out provocative operations in which they use toxic chemicals in Ukraine.

Kirillov added: “We consider this information as a deliberate intention of the United States and its partners to carry out provocative actions in Ukraine using toxic chemicals.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that the situation around the front line in Bakhmut is getting more difficult. “The situation is getting more complicated,” he said in his daily evening intervention, adding, “The enemy is constantly destroying everything that can be used to protect our positions.” He described the Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Bakhmut as “real heroes”.

In the context, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced during a visit to Kiev on Monday the transfer of $ 1.2 billion to support Ukraine’s budget to help it “respond to Russian attacks” by relieving pressure on its finances.

The Kremlin described the new sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia a year after the start of its attack on Ukraine, which targeted 121 individuals and entities, as “absurd.”

The Russian militaries dominated the discussions of both the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Conference on Disarmament.

And after the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution last week calling for an “immediate” withdrawal of Russian forces, the United Nations and Kiev’s allies on Monday directed new criticisms at Moscow, in order to show that this war is not only about Europe.

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