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Is there a Syrian-Turkish meeting?

The Deputy Foreign Minister, the Russian President’s envoy to the Middle East and African countries, Mikhail Bogdanov, revealed that Russia is ready to organize a meeting of the foreign ministers of Syria and Turkey.

As Bogdanov explained in response to a question in this regard: “Of course we think that (the meeting) will be useful. We are talking about establishing contacts, so far through the military and special services, there have been such contacts. We support them and encourage them to meet and find common ground in situations.”

He stressed that Moscow “calls for the normalization of relations between Damascus and Ankara, as is the case with other countries in the region.”

As Bogdanov added, if they want (the meeting is held in Moscow), we are always ready to accept. How many meetings have been organized at different levels and in different formats. We are always ready to help.”

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