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Is Wael Kfoury’s story over?

There has been a lot of news during the last period about the relationship of the Lebanese star Wael Kfoury with his girlfriend and girlfriend Shana Abboud, where a lot of information was circulated through the social media about the nature of this relationship.

This and a lot of information stated that Wael and Shana separated from each other after the tragic traffic accident that Wael suffered and Shana was with him in the car, as the dispute had started before that and continued later.

But other information circulated says that everything that was published about the relationship of the duo is baseless and that they are still on their relationship and there is no dispute between them.

Amidst this circulated information, controversy and give-and-take, the Lebanese poet Habib Abu Antoun, a friend who is close to the star Wael Kfoury, came out and settled the controversy over the nature of the relationship between Wael and Shana, stressing that what is being raised are just rumors. Zad.. the right of a lira in the auction.. here are deja million.. and five with the eyes of the envious.”

Habib also followed his tweet with another tweet about Shana and Wael, in which he said: “Shana and Wael Bimono….not like Lee Bijono.. with love transgressing the law.. a bird and a swallow.. God willing, the rightful gossip… let this crazy news spread.. the world.” In your heart, what may be.. the blindness in your eyes.

Habib also attached his tweets with the tag Shana and Wael.

Wael had celebrated a few days ago that his song “The Strong Girl” had exceeded one hundred million views on the social networking site “YouTube”.

The artist, Wael Kfoury, had performed a successful and distinguished concert in the Riyadh season, on the stage of Mohammed Abdo Theater, which is located on Riyadh City Boulevard, and the artist Nancy Ajram participated in the concert.

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