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Israel is preparing for a new war

The Israeli Chief of Staff, Aviv Kohavi, announced that it is not excluded that the Israeli army will launch a military operation soon in the West Bank in search of the two released prisoners.
He pointed out that the confessions of one of the four prisoners who were re-arrested confirmed that the goal when escaping from Gilboa prison was to go to Jenin in the West Bank, which suggests that the two prisoners at large were in Jenin.
Kohavi said: “If necessary, the Israeli army is ready to enter the refugee camp in Jenin with larger forces in order to arrest the fugitives, even at the expense of the impact of this step on the situation in the entire West Bank.”
Kochavi described the Palestinian militants in Jenin camp as terrorist cells, saying that the high frequency of attacks from the camp necessitated an operation there.
In addition, Kohavi suggested that the Israeli army would launch a military operation in Gaza.

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