Israel makes concessions to Lebanon

A former Israeli intelligence official said that his country is making concessions in favor of Lebanon in the border demarcation negotiations to stave off the risk of escalation.

Retired General Amos Yadlin added that Israel is making concessions on a number of points in order to help the Lebanese out of their crisis.

He added, “We are showing softness in the maritime border demarcation talks, because we don’t want to have neighbors stuck in a situation where they have nothing to lose. We don’t want another Gaza in Lebanon.”

General Amos Yadlin also referred to “the prominent role played by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah in this issue, which indicates the fact that he has control over what is happening in Lebanon politically and militarily,” stressing that “it is unreasonable for the Lebanese and Israelis to be pushed to a place they do not want.”

Yadlin emphasized that the Karish field “is a purely Israeli place and we have to pump gas from there. The moment you concede to Nasrallah once, you have to set limits, because if the situation deteriorates towards an inevitable war, we know that we have done everything we can to prevent it.”

Also, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said, on Monday, that “the process of extracting gas from the Karish field will begin regardless of the course of negotiations with Lebanon over the demarcation of the maritime borders.”

Lapid also announced, in a statement, that “it is possible and necessary to reach an agreement during negotiations with Lebanon on the maritime borders, which serves the interests of both countries,” adding: “The agreement will be very useful and will contribute to strengthening regional stability.”

And the Israeli newspaper said, on Monday, that “the American mediator in the negotiations on the demarcation of the maritime border, Amos Hochstein, and during his visit to the region last week, made a proposal for a settlement, regarding the differences between Israel and Lebanon, regarding the demarcation of the border according to Line 23 and Haqqana.”

The newspaper pointed out that, following the new American offer, the political and security circles in Israel seemed optimistic about the chances of reaching a final settlement of the maritime border dispute in the near future.

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