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Israeli advanced devices on the borders with Syria and Lebanon

A Hebrew website revealed that the Israeli army has installed advanced monitoring devices and systems for early detection of any security and military threats on the borders with Syria and Lebanon.

And the site indicated that “the (Homa) Directorate of the Department of Weapons Development and Technological Infrastructure in the Ministry of Defense has begun, in cooperation with the Air Force, to deploy a huge advanced balloon system called (Tal Shamim) that will serve as an air platform to detect and warn of advanced threats in the north.

Israeli sources also stated that “these devices include fixed balloons equipped with accurate cameras capable of detecting any threat approaching the northern borders of Israel, and the Israeli Air Force will be responsible for operating these systems, which are described as the most advanced in the world.”

This measure came at a time when the Israeli army suddenly called up reserve forces as part of a month-long maneuvers that it had begun on the fronts of Syria and Lebanon, and coincided with exercises to check the readiness of the Israeli home front to withstand in the event of a multi-front war, as well as joint exercises conducted by units of The US Marine Corps with Israeli special forces.

These developments also come at a time when Syria accuses Israel of launching a series of attacks on targets inside its territory

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