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Jaafar Jackson is preparing to play the role of his uncle Michael in a movie that tells the story of the American King of Pop

American singer and actor Jaafar Jackson, 26, who is the son of Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s younger brother, is preparing to play his uncle’s role in a biographical film that includes the life of the most famous American pop singer, Michael Jackson 1958-2009.

According to what the director of the work, Antoine Fuqua, published on his personal page on Instagram, the film will bear the name “Michael”, stressing that he feels proud to have chosen Jaafar to embody the role of his late uncle, while noting that the basic preparations for the work will begin soon.

It is expected that the new film will include a re-design of the distinctive choreography of Jackson, which he is famous for performing, and Jaafar commented on the news, “I feel humbled and honored to revive the story of my uncle Michael, and to all Michael Jackson fans around the world, I will see you soon.”

As for the young actor, Jaafar, he has been singing since he was twelve years old, and he released his first song, Got Me Singing, in 2019.

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