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Jennifer Lopez and her charitable work for Latinos

International superstar Jennifer Lopez is following in the footsteps of her parents, who struggled to empower the next generation of Latinas. With pride, Jennifer announced that she will represent her Latino heritage and help Latino Entrepreneurs. And last June, it announced its collaboration with Grameen America, a non-profit microfinance organization, to deploy $14 billion in loan capital and fund 600,000 Latino micro-projects by 2030, in addition to providing mentorship to Latina women living below the level of poverty.

Speaking to “Today”, Jennifer said, “We’re changing our lives. For me even in my own business, I was an artist making billions of dollars for other people, and I didn’t really realize that, I was happy to be there and promote them, and then I started to realize I could make my own perfume. And I can do it my own way, I can own a piece of this business.” She continued, “I think my mother and family raised me to be proud of who I am, and so when I walked into these worlds like Hollywood where we weren’t really Latina at all, I felt like a unicorn. I’m Jennifer Lopez from the Bronx, my parents are Puerto Rican, and I’m Puerto Rican. I think that made me I feel special.” She concluded by talking about success: “I don’t have any kind of formula for success, what I learned is that if you can follow your heart, you can be true to yourself, and you can work really hard… The difference between success and not being successful, is not giving up and I just didn’t give up.” .

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