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Joel Hatem pays the accusations of killing George Al-Rassi, and what is the role of the American embassy in Beirut

Lebanese model Joel Hatem revealed that she was subjected to death threats from fans of the Al-Rassi family, days after the death of her ex-husband, George Al-Rassi, by holding her responsible for his death, noting that she informed the US Embassy in Beirut to investigate the matter and take the necessary measures because she holds American citizenship.

In a series of statements via the Al-Stori feature in WhatsApp, Hatem said that her marriage to George Al-Rassi was under pressure from her father because she had accidentally become pregnant with him, and then they separated later and gave birth to their son, Joe.

Hatem responded about the reason for not attending the funeral by saying that she did not want to disturb the funeral, nor to steal the lights from the family of the artist, George Al-Rassi, and according to the desire of her family, she preferred not to attend the funeral.

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