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Jordan: Cancellation of customs duties with Syria to facilitate trade movement

The Syndicate of Owners of Clearance and Goods Transport Companies in Jordan called for canceling customs duties imposed on Jordanian and Syrian trucks, in order to facilitate and enhance trade and transit movement between the two countries.
The head of the Syndicate of Owners of Clearance and Transport of Goods Companies in Jordan, Dhaifallah Abu Aqoula, also called for the re-implementation of the memorandum of understanding and the agreement concluded between the two countries earlier.
And he stressed in a statement today, Wednesday, “the necessity of allowing Jordanian, Syrian and Lebanese trucks to enter the territories of some of them, to revive the movement of trade and transit, and to operate the Jordanian shipping fleet.”
And “re-operating the joint Jordanian-Syrian free zone, in light of the logistical capabilities available in it that serve both countries.”
He said that “exchanging goods through the exit yard at Jaber customs, incurs additional high financial burdens for merchants, exposes goods to damage and delays their arrival on time,” noting that “the lack of empty trucks for this purpose.”
Abu Aqoula renewed his call for canceling the “back to back” system, pointing out that “continuing with the current procedures will cause the Jordanian clearance and goods transport companies, great losses that will lead to the treasury’s loss of millions of dinars that are collected from fees and taxes, and impede attracting investors to use the port of Aqaba to transport their goods.”
He revealed that the clearance companies had attracted during the last period traders and investors to use the port of Aqaba instead of sea ports in other neighboring countries.

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